Homeschool Rooms/Organization Tips

As we continue on our homeschool research journey I have come across many ideas that I will want to use IF or WHEN this becomes a reality for us.  I love to organize.  I love finding jars and baskets and other cool things to store stuff in.  I love my Dymo Labeler–it is one of my best friends.  So I thought I’d post some of the cool things that I have found on the web.  Even if we don’t homeschool I may use some of these ideas anyway to organize our ever growing art supplies, my scrapbook stuff and our books! 

Check out katiescrapbooklady’s  Homeschool/Scrapbook/Sewing Studio! 

LOVE it!  She has some neat ideas!  I LOVE the map idea–I’d love to do something similar and mark all the places that we visit.  I’d love to do it with a North Carolina map!

And I like this idea if our next house is short on space.  It’s a clever use of a bookcase!

Here is SchoolontheHill’s library!  It’s amazing!  I already have been dreaming about organizing all of our books and making a library of our own once we move.  We have so many books it is insane!  I would love to organize ALL the family’s books including mine and Aaron’s and actually use the Dewey Decimel System to do this!  It would be quite an undertaking considering that Aaron alone has several hundred books! 


And you just have to LOVE the yummy colors in Nicandboy’s Homeschool Room!  She also has a neat way to display her books for easy access!


I have already decided that chalkboard paint will be used some place in our new home!  I used it on one of the girls’ tables and they loved it!  I’m thinking a whole wall needs to be chalkboard painted!  And if you use metallic primer like suziebeezie did, it makes it magnetic! 


Sweet!  And just for fun, ya gotta love this VW beetle all “chalked out”. 

I think the organizing part of homeschooling gets me just as excited as the actual homeschooling part of it!  Annagrace asked me tonight again if we are going to homeschool next year.  I am about 98% sure that we are but not quite to the point where I will say it definitely.  Although I just read THIS in the Greenville paper and it made me think that we were on the right track with homeschooling.  Sounds like at least some of the public schools down there are in shambles.

Anyway,  Annagrace was very upset tonight and came in the living room crying because she doesn’t get to see me very much.  Made me very sad!!!  I hate working full time!  I NEED to be here with my children.  I do not want them to grow up and only remember that Mom worked all the time.  One of the perks of us moving will be decreasing my working hours from 36-40 to about 24 with a goal to increase my photography business so that I can work even less nursing hours a week!  Oh, a girl can dream!

And one last thing.  I asked Aaron the other day if he thought that I was smart enough to homeschool the kids.  He hesitated and I though, uh-oh.  Then he said, “Yeah–you can do it.”  Then we found my 9th grade report card (can you believe that I still have it?!) and I think it put some doubt in my mind.   

Let’s just say that I HATED Physical Science (my teacher was one of the worst teachers that I ever had!) and I was already behind when I started algebra because I never had pre-algebra in 8th grade (my private school didn’t teach it in the 8th grade so I was definitely at a disadvantage starting out!).  I had more D’s on my report card than I remembered.  And in my defense, I did well the rest of my high school career and graduated with a 3.3 gpa–not too bad considering that I NEVER and I really mean NEVER studied.  I could’ve been a genius if I had applied myself!  Anyway,  apparently my bad grades didn’t faze Aaron because tonight out of the blue he said, “I think you’d be really good at homeschooling the kids”.  Or something along those lines.  Made me feel pretty good.  So maybe it will become a reality.  I’ll have to be on the lookout for a denim jumper so I can be “official”.  LOL!  (Nikki and Heather–I am totally kidding!!!!  You are the two coolest homeschool mom’s that I know!  And I do know a few more!)

6 Responses to “Homeschool Rooms/Organization Tips”

  1. 1 Audrey January 27, 2009 at 2:19 am

    Those rooms look amazing!! I’d be so embarrassed to show anyone my homeschool room, it’s organised chaos!! Somehow we still manage to learn and achieve, and have fun doing it.

    I like little organising bits and pieces too, but tend not to use them.
    Hope your photography business takes off, it’d be a very satisfying profession,and also very flexible around the children.

  2. 2 Alison January 27, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Ohh, I’m salivating over those homeschool rooms. I’d like rooms that big even for just living in! Our house is TINY…I’d have to homeschool at the kitchen table (one of my persuasive factors in buying our new hutch and kitchen table–Charlotte’s future homeschooling storaga! 🙂

  3. 3 lsaufley January 27, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    I was thinking too that the dining room in our next home will probably be converted to a homeschool room. I really want the girls to each have their own room so if we only find a 3 bedroom house we will have to get creative! Your hutch will be awesome to use for that!

  4. 4 Tanya April 6, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    Just thought I would drop a quick note to encourage you to dive into homeschooling. If you believe it to be the right thing to do for your family, decide to do it and then figure out how your going to make everything else fit.

    As far as qualifications to teach go, if you can read you can teach. University level educators have written and compiled curriculum that include everything you need, day by day for each grade. The basic goal for education should be to teach a child how to learn (where the answers can be found) so they can figure it out for themselves. The other hurdle is setting the time aside for school and only school. It takes about three hours of solid work. If you consider the time it takes to get the kids ready, pack a lunch and commute you have just found more than half the time it takes already!

    I had the privilege of watching my children read their first books, figure out multiplication, and correct me when I confused Bach’s concertos with that of Beethoven. I will never regret spending that time with them.

    I cannot express how strongly I believe that parents need to step up and teach their children how to become the men and women God wants them to be. We have an opportunity to teach this generation how to be honorable, reliable, disciplined, compassionate, and sincere. I starts with each one of us sacrificing what we want, with what we know to be right.

    How each one of us gets there is the exciting part; because it is going to be different with every family. I love having the ability to go online and see what great ideas someone else has come up with!

    Happy homeschooling!

  5. 5 Bankruptcy Ben June 9, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    I graduate 5th from my high school, still the idea of home schooling freaks me out a bit. I work in a family business, my families business so our work place is very family friendly. We often have kids asleep under desks or behind filing cabinets and the white boards always have drawings on them. One mum used to work for 2 days from home, one day in the office, and she had to bring little M in. Little M when not asleep in her pram was passed around the office taking turns sitting in peoples laps and “helping” type (it’s a call centre/data processing environment). Personally I feel this seperation of “work” and “family” is an entirely artificial post industrial construct. Back in cottage industry and farming days when did the kids ever get sent off to childcare? They were there seeing what there parents did day in day out. My extended family members that still farm have their kids with them most of the time, on the back of the tractor or combine harvister. Well I work in a call centre, why shouldn’t my kids see what I do and be intergrated into it.

  1. 1 help me create our learning environment! finally a HS room :) - Trackback on January 17, 2010 at 5:56 pm

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