Oh, oh, woah, oh…..I’m still alive.

That’s my ode to Pearl Jam–one of THE best rock bands EVER!

Anyway—-Yes, we’re still alive!  I have had no time to blog lately!  This week we painted the master bedroom, got the new curtains hung, and replaced the blinds.  My mom and dad are up this weekend so dad hung a new light fixture for me.  We are so, so, so close to having this house ready!  Gonna finish up a few little things here and there tomorrow and Wednesday will be our deep cleaning day.  Then a week from Monday . . . our house will be for sale!!! 

Hope to get back to blogging regularly soon!  Thanks for stopping by and checking in!

1 Response to “Oh, oh, woah, oh…..I’m still alive.”

  1. 1 Melissa January 25, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    WooHoo! Glad things are moving along well 🙂 Hope the painting went well! I know you will be relieved when it’s all done 🙂 Make sure and rest a bit 🙂

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