Stimulating the Economy!

I’ve done my share to stimulate the economy today!  Annagrace has been a little down in the dumps lately about not getting to spend much time with me.  Between working and getting the house ready and trips to NC and the holidays it’s just been too crazy to do much together.  So today we went out to the mall to eat some lunch (Sbarro–yum!) and to do some shopping.

Annagrace normally hates shopping.  Imagine that–a girl who doesn’t like to shop!  But today she was good and didn’t complain and got several things for herself . And man did we ever find some DEALS! 

First stop was JC Penney’s.  They are having a storewide 70% off sale.  She got these new Skechers for $12 (normally $40) and this shirt for $7.17 (normally $25):


And she got this adorable sweater dress for the Fall for only $5.97!  Regularly priced at $35!


I also got a bracelet that was regularly $18 and was marked down to $4.18!
Total Regular Price for all items:  $117.98
Total Spent after discounts with tax:  $28.93

Then we were off to Bath and Body Works where we found a really great deal on shower gel and lotion.  Shower gel was $3 a bottle and lotion was $5!  I will keep a couple bottles and give the others away as gifts!

Total Regular Price:  $39.00
Total Spent after discounts with tax:  $14.70 

But there were even MORE deals to be had so we went off to Claire’s where we ran into my friend Heather where we, as Heather put it, “hit the motherload”!  I didn’t even realize that everything on this one table was 10 items for $10!  She had found these adorable little pocketbooks that were a buck each and the clerk went in the back to get a few more out for us.  I bought several things for Annagrace’s birthday party.  These bags have some lipgloss included and will be perfect for goody bags for her friends (the bottles of glittery shower gel will go inside).  The High School Musical stationary set is for a friend’s birthday that is coming up and the canvas bag, well you already know that’s for me!


Total Regular Price:  $124.50
Total Spent including tax:  $10.50

And I wasn’t planning to go in Old Navy.  I just bought a bunch of stuff from Old Navy online the other night but Heather told me they still had a bunch of stuff in the 50% clearance sale so we went in there too.   We got all this: 


That includes a sweatshirt, a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve shirt, a pair of jeans and 2 pairs of yoga pants for Annagrace;  a sweatshirt, a turtleneck, 2 pairs of pajamas and a winter hat for Madalyn; and a “swing” 3/4 sleeve coat for me (regularly $70 and I got it for $12!).

Total Regular Price:  $147.50
Total Spent including tax:  $47.91

I feel so happy that we found such great deals!  Many of the things that I bought are for next Fall and Winter and it was nice to buy some new things for the girls for a change.  I can not remember the last time that I bought them new clothes (they are getting used to getting things from the thrift store or as hand me downs!).  Annagrace and I both had fun looking for bargains.  It was a great day! 

My total had I paid regular full price for everything today would have been: $428.98
My grand total will all the sale prices and including tax was  ……  drumroll please ……:  $102.04!   

4 Responses to “Stimulating the Economy!”

  1. 1 Heather January 18, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Stimulate WHAT economy? Girl, when I shop NO ONE makes a penny! I am into the 90% off gig most of the time! At Kohls I got 7 new shirts for $17. At Old Navy I spent $40 and got about $300 retail. At Claire’s the same as you, about $160 retail for $10! At Bath and Body, I spent $3 and got two bottles of shower gel (coupon!). At Hallmark I picked up some Snickerdoodle Cheeseball mixes for $1.24 each. Whew! When D and the boys picked me up…we went to Walmart for groceries. Not nearly as much fun!

  2. 2 lsaufley January 18, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Dang it–I knew there had to be some Bath and Body Works coupons out there! I wanted to stop by Office Depot again but we were worn out! We totally need to do this together one day! I’ll leave the girls at home and then I can really do some damage! : )

  3. 3 Alison January 18, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Wow, that sounds like fun! And great deals! I can’t wait until my little ones are big enough to enjoy days out with them (I can wait…it will come too soon, I know!) Congrats on the deals!

  4. 4 Cribb January 19, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Yeah, Annagrace!! Love that rocker shirt!! Great job on all those deals…I need new jeans REALLY bad and we got a Kohl’s giftcard for Christmas but I’m so cheap that I’m waiting until they send me a coupon! Maybe I should go anyway and see if they have anything marked way down. But I hate going shopping without Reber because he has all the fashion sense : )

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