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Awesome News!

Today was a great day.  We had the realtor come and see the house this morning.  We love our realtor.  Chris helped us buy our first house at Massanutten Resort.  Then he helped us sell that house and buy our current one.  And now he’s going to help us sell this house!  We love Chris.  He is down to earth, honest and reliable.  We feel very safe and secure working with him.  He is awesome!

Anyway–he came this morning to see the house and to show us some comparables that he came up with.  We had a number in our heads that we thought our house was worth and when he showed us his price for what the house actually was worth based on the comparables,  it was $19,000 MORE than what we thought!  We will actually list at about $14-15,000 more than we were expecting.  If it doesn’t get much action or any offers within a reasonable time then we’ll have some wiggle room to reduce the price. 

Can you say, Thank you GOD?!  If we sell the house for the full price we will be able to pay off every bit of our debt and still have money for a good down payment on our next home!  It was a good, no GREAT day! 

We are still working on some things around the house.  God bless my dear hubby because he has really been working hard to get some things done around here!  The carpet gets put down tomorrow.  We’re going to try and paint the master bedroom this weekend.   It’s slowly starting to come together!  Chris said that it showed well and the colors were good.  He gave us a couple of tips (pointing out that my windows upstairs needed a good cleaning!) and we told him by February 2 we will be ready to get on the market!  It’s crazy but exciting!

Free Suave! Sweet!

Thanks to my friend Shannon for sharing this with me today!  CLICK HERE for a link to a free bottle of Suave!   Coupon will be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks and needs to be redeemed by the end of February.  So ya better go request it now!  Personally, I like the coconut scent!


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