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Meal Planning: Take the Poll!

Last week I decided that we were going to eat as much stuff out of the cabinets and freezer as we could.  First of all, we had stuff just flowing out of our cabinets.  (Aren’t we all blessed to have the problem of too much food?).  And secondly, I wanted to save some money at the grocery store last week.  Here is the week of meals that I came up with based on what we had. 

Thursday:  sandwiches, chips, applesauce
Friday:  steak, biscuits, peaches, green beans
Saturday:  baked chicken, salad, fresh pineapple, rice, orangeades (homemade–they were yummy!)
Sunday:  BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, crescent rolls, cookies
Monday:  hamburgers, pasta salad, baked beans, chips
Tuesday:  Pancakes, eggs, bacon, OJ
Wednesday:  steak, applesauce, and leftovers (pasta salad and beans)

Wednesday is my grocery shopping day so we will see what I come up with this week.  The cabinets still look pretty full so I know we can make several meals out of what we already have!  Aaron bought a big purchase of steak from one of those people that drives around in a meat truck (yeah, I know–can you say redneck?!) and it has lasted us a a long time so we are trying to eat it up!  I’m not complaining–steak twice a week?  Ya can’t beat that. 

One thing Annagrace noticed is how much healthier we eat when I actually plan out what we are having.  We have also been making an effort to sit down and eat all together this week and the girls seems to be enjoying it.  We have been so busy and honestly the house has been such a mess lately that we haven’t had the time or room to sit down and enjoy a meal together.  So it’s been nice to do that for a change.

So about meal planning–just wondering what you all do.  Do you plan your meals weeks in advance?  Do you decide when you get to the grocery store?  Do you go by what’s on sale or what you have on hand?

In fact, why don’t we do a little poll! 

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