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Happy New Year!

Hey y’all!  So today I am suppose to be working but there was no work for me.  Yeah, I’m crying a river about that!  We headed to town and picked up our new dryer and then stopped at Applebee’s to eat.  Our waiter was super nice and I left him and almost 50% tip–he was very appreciative of that.   Then off to Game Stop so Annagrace could get a new DS game for the ride to Grammy and Papa’s.  She had $15 that was burning a hole right through her pocket and I was happy she found one she wanted!

I have lots of thoughts about blog posts.  My resolutions/goals for this year.  My Bible reading plan for this year.  My word of focus for this year.  Photos of my (almost) finished remodel of the upstairs bathroom.  But today, since I have SO MUCH to do around the house I’m just gonna post a few things quickly and maybe tonight will get back on here and post a little more. 

CK Scrapbooking Kit of the Month

I was really excited this morning because the new Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Kit of the Month was up for sale at 11am.  I waited all morning to log in and order it.  They tend to sell out quickly so I knew I had to get right on it.  Well after an HOUR AND A HALF on the site my order finally went through.  They got bombarded with orders and their server couldn’t handle it.  But it’s all good because I got one!  Yippee!  I am really excited about this. 

The kit is called 365 Days.  It encourages scrapbookers to scrap a little something every single day.  It doesn’t have to be a photo every day–it can be a ticket stub, a price tag, a small note from your child, a peice of mail.  The idea is that you document something every day.  I am already thinking of weekly themes for mine such as what things cost, a week in Madalyn’s life, a week in Annagrace’s life, etc.  With all the craziness that the new year is bringing to our family I figured this would be an awesome way to document it and would be so much easier on me.  It requires no additional scrapbooking supplies and you don’t even use adhesive!  All you need is the kit and a pen.  Anyway–Becky Higgins has some awesome videos about it on her blog.  It is totally worth the time and money to get this kit.  Even if you have never scrapped before I think you will enjoy it!  Here is a sample from Becky’s site of a completed week:

There are spaces for a photo of other item each day and then a corresponding journaling block down at the bottom.  I plan to put the whole kit together when I receive it and then all I have to do is add the daily journaling and a photo.  Easy peasy!  If you are interested in this kit ya better go order it right now because they are going fast!

Photography Challenge 2009 

And as if I didn’t have enough to accomplish in 2009, I thought I’d also give this a try.  The concept is to take a photo every day and to stay on ‘theme’ for the week.  My goal is to take at least one photo a week that will fit into that theme.  I just don’t have the time to take one every single day!  The list is compiled every year by the girls over on Two Peas in a Bucket.  I wanted to do it last year but just never got the motivation.  This year, I am motivated.  I am adding a little tab up top that lists all the themes and I will add a photo for each theme under it as well as posting it on my main blog page.  My goal is to post a photo each weekend that fits the theme for the previous week.  My first week is going to start this coming up Sunday.  The first theme is “Ready . . . Set . . . Go!”.  I am super excited about this too because it gives me a chance to practice with my camera and I love the challenge of being creative! 

Well, I am off to clean the house and declutter the office and girls’ room! 




Goodbye 2008 . . . Hello 2009!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to welcome 2009.  2008 has been rough.  Too much sadness in my life and those surrounding me.  In the midst of the sadness there were good moments.  Here are some highlights of 2008 (in no particular order!):

1)  Babies, babies, babies
     In 2008 we welcomed five, yes FIVE new babies to our small church family.  Parker, Brennyn, Ava, Bobby and Ethan are so blessed to have such wonderful parents.  I can’t wait to see these little ones grow up!  We also welcomed a new baby into my family–my nephew Zachary!  And my best friend from high school welcomed little Lilley! 

2)  New Kids concert
     Laugh if you must but this was seriously a HUGE highlight of my year.  It came at just the time that I needed it.  I had an amazing time with my friend Steph and I am secretly–okay, not it’s not really a secret!–hoping they will tour again in this area next summer because I am SO there!

3)  Family Trip To DC
     We took an overnight trip to DC in September.  It was so much fun and I’m hoping we can go back before we move and take the girls to the American History Museum (it was under construction when we visited in September).

4)  Learning all About CVSing
     Again, you can laugh.  Go ahead.  But I learned a lot about CVS and Extra Care Bucks and I am thankful to God for that.  I have saved a huge amount of money this year because of CVS!

5)  Summer Vacation in the Outer Banks
     Always a highlight of the year.  We had such a great time this year!  One of the best that I can remember!

6)  Weekend Getaway with my friend Jenny
     Jenny and I reconnected on myspace a few years ago and I fee like that was a God thing.  I know He put us back in each other’s lives for a reason.  Jenny is the one friend that I can tell anything to.  In August we took a girl’s road trip to NC so that her girls could see where she grew up at and so we could just spend time together.  We took a day trip to the Outer Banks that weekend and it was awesome!  All four of the girls had so much fun!

7)  Deciding to Move
     This was a big part of 2008.  In June/early July we made the decision to move back to NC and our lives have been a roller coaster ever since.  But it’s been a good ride so far.  Today we ordered the new carpet for the house and have plans to get our home on the market by the first part of February.  It’s all becoming very real to me now.  I have good days where I am ready to go anytime.  And I have other days when I think how much easier it would be to just stay put.  But I know that God is leading us to do this and that gives me peace.  He wouldn’t want us to do it if He didn’t plan to carry us through it.  I depend on Him fully.  He’s never let me down before!

8)  Thanksgiving Road Trip to Kentucky
     I love to travel so it’s no surprise that I have all of our big trips listed as highlights!  We had a lot of fun with Aaron’s sister in Louisville.  Once we move it will be a really long trip to see her so I was glad we were able to go this year.  I only wish I could have spent a week there–so much cool stuff to see in Louisville and we just didn’t have time for it all.  

9)  My decision to live a Greener life
     I became very interested in green living this year and I plan to do even more next year to decrease my burden on our planet.  I love buying organic products and I actually enjoy going to the recycling center.  Hopefully in the new year I will introduce gardening and composting to our lives.  (I can hear Aaron’s moans right now!).  Aaron and I have decided to really try to reduce our trash output in January.  (I am already thinking of ways that we can do that and I am hoping that we can put out no more than one trash bag full of trash each week.  That’s pretty drastic for us as we usually have 4-5 bags full a week!  More on that later–I am planning a post about that and what steps we will take to accomplish that!)

10)  Annagrace Moves to 2nd Grade
     The current talk in our house is about our oldest daughter being moved up a grade level to 2nd grade!  We are all super excited about this!  She is quite an interesting child.  She prefers reading to riding a bike.  She would rather sit on the computer and play strategy games than color.  She loves watching “Dr. G: Medical Examiner” and “Mystery Diagnosis”.  She loves to learn and thinks that filling in a multiplication table or practicing writing in cursive is a fun way to waste time.  She has an unbelievable memory and can recall things that amazes me (the other night during scrabble she helped one of the adults spell a word and then told us that it was an Asian plant–I wikipedied it on my cell phone and sure enough, she was right!).  So anyway,  needless to say we are PROUD of this little girl!

11)  Madalyn starts Preschool
     This was kind of a big deal since she is the BABY of the family!  She loves preschool!  She loves her teachers and her friends.  Her teacher sent home a paper that said she was thankful for Madalyn because she “loves to laugh and is a good friend”.  She is such a joy.  Even when she says her new favorite word (“poopy”) over and over and over.  Even when she flushes toy roosters down the toilet (that cost us almost $200 to get fished out by the plumber).  When she curls up next to me and says, “I LOVE you mommy” she melts my heart every time!

Happy New Year Y’all!  Here’s to a happy, properous, JOYFUL 2009!

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