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Free Prevention Magazine

So I thought this would be an easier way for you all to get free magazines.  I’ll still post the links when I get an offer in my inbox.  You have to get it quick because some of them go fast. I got an e-mail about Shape and Prevention and Shape is already gone.   

Here is a Prevention Magazine link:

Nikki I sent your name in so you should get an invite and Sherri the next offer I get I will put your name in!

Works for Me Wednesday…er…Thursday: Inspiration Notebooks

I realize of course that it is Thursday.  But yesterday was busy and I just got around to taking these photos today!  Here is another theme I will do from time to time.  Works for Me Wednesday–hosted by Rocks in my Dryer.  If ya haven’t visited that blog–ya should.  It’s a good one!

I love magazines.  I think it’s an unhealthy obsession at times.  The GOOD news is that I no longer buy magazines.  I get them all free–mostly through Rewards Gold.  If you like magazines you definitely need to sign up with them (let me know if you want an invitation for a membership!  I can add your e-mail on my next free offer from them!).  I get at least 1-2 offers in my e-mail box a week for free magazines.  You take a quick 2 minute survey and you receive a free magazine subscription.  Truly there are no strings attached.  I haven’t once gotten a bill from them.  I currently receive all of the following FREE:

  • Family Fun
  • Home
  • Elle Decor
  • TV Guide
  • Parenting
  • Wondertime (my current favorite!)
  • Hallmark
  • Self
  • Professional Photographer
  • Rangefinder
  • Studio Photographer
  • Aftercapture
  • Golf (for Aaron of course)
  • Weight Watchers

Yeah.  I KNOW.  That’s a lot of magazines!!!  I also pick up the occasional Good Housekeeping or Real Simple at the library from the free table.  Yesterday I donated about 25 magazines to them.  And I have lots more.  Here are a few stacks from around the house. 


(I know this is insane!  These are all ready to go to the library!)

(Sorted through all these last night!)

 So I decided that since we are moving next year the magazines need to go.  I can’t move all these magazines to NC with me.  There are a few exceptions.  I keep all my Professional Photographer mags because the info is so useful to me.  I also keep a few copies of Studio Photography and Rangefinder if the content is something I need for my business.  But otherwise there tends to be one or two pages in each magazine that I really want.  And why keep all those magazines just for a few pages.  So I decided to sort through them–all of them–and tear out what I wanted to keep. 

But then what was I going to do with all those pages? 

Voila!  Here is my system.  I have inspiration notebooks.  I gathered up all my notebooks and inserted clear plastic sleeves and started ripping pages out of my magazines!  I currently have the following:

  • Photography Stuff
  • Scrapbook Inspiration
  • Kid Stuff
  • Fitness/Weight Loss Stuff
  • Home Inspiration


Each book has sections–for my home book it’s divided by room, for my kid book it’s divided by craft ideas, kid recipes, party ideas, etc.  I decided to make the process very quick.  I mean, I have probably 100 magazines to sort through!  So I sat down and flipped through quickly.  I only tore out the things that immediately caught my eye.  Then I put it down and moved on to the next one!   

My home book I have actually had for awhile.  I have paint samples and other things tucked in it as well.  This page
 inspired me to find a fake mantle peice for my living room!  (I love the old, chipped white paint on!) 

I have sorted through a bunch of magazines and have many more to go.  If anyone out there is interested in any of these magazines before they make their way to the library please let me know.  I have dozens of scrapbook magazines (many are from 2006 and 2007) that I’d love to give away.  I may freecycle them if I can’t find anyone who wants them.  The ladies at the library must think I’m crazy–I take a huge stack in every time I go!  But they seem very appreciative of them!

Annagrace quote: An oldie but a goody

I found a book while cleaning today that I had written a funny Annagrace quote in.  It was back in 2005 before Madalyn was born so Annagrace was a little over 3 years old.  We visited the doctor’s office and when we left we had this conversation:

Annagrace:  “Mama where was the man doctor today?”
Me:  “I don’t know, he must have the day off.”
Annagrace:  “Yeah, it was all Miss doctors today.” 

So glad that I wrote these things down.  Maybe one day they will all make it into a scrapbook!

I Love Productive Days and Oreo Truffles

I have been stuck in a rut for awhile.  No Christmas spirit, depressed, tired, lazy.  Today was a good day though.  I have my Wednesdays off again and it has really lifted my mood.  Here’s what I did today:

  • packed a couple boxes of stuff
  • rearranged the bedroom furniture
  • returned books to the library (on time too!)
  • got a birthday present for a friend’s son whose party is at Pump It Up tomorrow night
  • gave Madalyn a bath and even dried her hair!
  • cleaned tub and sink and bathroom fan–it was gross!–while Madalyn took her bath
  • made Oreo Truffles and Puppy Chow for Annagrace’s teachers
  • had a nice visit from a county sherriff re: our stupid neighbors and their stupid dog (long story!)

Still on the list for the rest of tonight: 

  • wrap some presents for a family that I am playing “Secret Santa” for
  • clean off my craft hutch/desk upstairs
  • upload photo orders–last order for 2008!
  • wash a couple more loads of clothes

It feels so good to get so much done.  And I didn’t even mention–Aaron is finishing up painting the master bath and I found two el cheapo curtains at Family Dollar today to hang up!  Can’t wait to get it done and get the photos uploaded.  It looks so much better!!!  I made a shower curtain from a beautiful piece of fabric I found in the clearance rack at the fabric shop.  I’ll hopefully have those photos to post by this weekend!

So back to those Oreo Truffles.  If you know me, you know I don’t like to cook.  I often tell people that I won’t use a recipe if it calls for more than 5 ingredients.  They usually laugh but I’m being serious!  These truffles are the easiest dessert ever and are pretty impressive!  Here is the recipe:

Oreo Truffles
–one pack of Oreos, finely crushed
–one pack of cream cheese
–one small bag of milk chocolate chips
–one small bag of white chocolate chips

1)  Mix the Oreos and the cream cheese.  (It’s a lot easier and lot more fun to do this with your hands!  Please wash them first!)  I made Annagrace do the dirty work.

2)  Roll into small balls.
3)  Place in fridge for approx 20 minutes. 
4)  Melt either milk chocolate or white chocolate over low heat and dip truffles in to coat.  Place on wax paper and place back in fridge (or freezer) until chocolate is set.
5)  Drizzle whichever chocolate you didn’t use above over truffles.  I did both tonight.  I like how the white ones look!  (You can use a fork or you can place the chocolate in a ziploc bag and clip the tip then use it as a makeshift cake decorating bag!)

And there ya have it!  Easy as peasy and amazingly delicious! 

(Not my photo but of course mine are just as beautiful as these!)

One more thing to mention–my baby girl is almost 100% potty trained!  We ran out of diapers on Monday and rather than running right out and buying some I told her she’d have to wear her big girl panties.  She did really well!  Aaron has been taking her every hour or two and after 2 days she is almost completely out of her pull ups–even at nighttime!  What an awesome Christmas gift for me and Aaron!  We told her Santa is going to be so proud of her!

Take 5 Tuesday

It’s that time again!  Take 5 Tuesday!  The blog doesn’t have the new list up for this week so I’m gonna use one from the week of my birthday!

1)  5 things you collect.

  • Books (I have LOTS.  But most of them are packed away at the moment). 
  • Scrapbooking supplies (and sometimes I actually get around to using them!)
  • Yellowware bowls although I only have 4–hoping to grow that collection some after we move


  •  Bandannas (again, small collection–started back when I was running–hope to start both the collection and the running again in the Spring!)


  • things with the word “simplify” on them!

(in the office)

(on the fridge)

(over the living room doorway)

And I almost forgot this one–had to come and edit my post to add it!
(Of course you can see–this is our mom mobile). 

2)  5 things about your hair.

  • I had none when I was born.
  • When it finally grew it was very very blonde.
  • I dyed it red in the 11th grade and my mom freaked out!
  • I got it cut last week.
  • I now have bangs. 

3)  5 random things about your pet.

(My cocker spaniel, Buddy). 

  • He has a birthday coming up on 12/23.
  • He will be 9 years old.
  • In human years that means he is 49
  • He has a black dot on his tongue that gets a little bigger each year.
  • The vets all tell me it’s normal and not to worry about it. 

4)  5 things in your junk drawer (or in my case, the desk drawer since I don’t have a junk drawer).


  • highlighters
  • a stapler
  • pushpins
  • one AA battery
  • chapstick

5)  5 of your favorite summer foods.

  • strawberries
  • corn on the cob
  • fried shrimp
  • grilled chicken
  • pasta salad (not really a summer food but I tend to eat it more in the summer than at other times)

Your turn!  Come back and comment if you do Take 5 Tuesday on your blog!


I love butterflies.  If I was going to get another tattoo, that’s probably what it would be.  In fact, I am loving this tattoo:

All that just to tell you this.  Here’s another cute kid quote from my 3 year old from this weekend!

Papa:  Madalyn–me and you are buddies, aren’t we?
Madalyn:  No.  We’re not buddies.  We’re butterflies! 

So sweet.  That Madalyn sure does love her Papa!

A Few Gift Ideas


Disclaimer:  Please do not send me comments or e-mails about this post being offensive to rednecks.  In my opinion, the people that are offended by that word are usually not rednecks.  True rednecks embrace their redneckiness and I don’t think would be offended at all by this post!  LOL!) 

My mom and dad are in town this weekend so we went out to do a little shopping.  We visited a neaby town and lets just say that said town is known for hollers, cock fighting, moonshine and rednecks.  No offense intended there.  Just being honest.  So we went to this gift shop and happened upon a few interesting items.   

Maybe there’s a special redneck on your list that may be interested in one of these fine items. 

First up is this beautiful figure.  This poor hunter apparently ran into a huge mutant deer.  And what’s up with the deer’s tongue?  I think he’s saying “na na na na boo boo”!  


And then for that religious redneck on your list:

Seriously, who thought that this was a good idea?  I wish I could’ve been in on that conversation in the board room.   “Hey, how about we make a figure with a confederate flag, a bird, and a canteen and let’s put it on a cross!.”  Now that’s a winning combination right there.

And my favorite item of the day:
You gotta love a deer with a confederate flag, a shotgun and a jug of moonshine.  Now that has “classy” written all over it. 

And one more gift idea.  For your minister perhaps? 
Yes.  Really it is.  Edible, chocolate prayer hands.  Oh boy.  At least it’s not an edible baby Jesus.

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