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Nothing says Christmas Spirit . . .

like 18, 000 lights and 3500 feet of extension cord!  Tonight was our annual trip out to look at Christmas lights.  There is this one house in a neaby town that always has one of those cheesy light shows.  Last year it was set to “Carol of the Bells” and was pretty cool.  They have a radio station dedicated to it (good thing for their neighbors–they don’t have to blare the music all night long).  This year the song was some really cheesy song–something about “C is for Christmas”.  Then after that song it was “Spongebob Squarepants”.

Last year we went on Christmas Eve and took my parents along and it was really crowded.  We had to wait in line to see the house.  This year we were the only ones there!  We watched the show twice and I took a few photos and videoed a portion with my cell phone.  The kids really enjoyed it.   Here is a photo just to give ya an idea of what 18,000 lights looks like on one tiny little house:


After that we drove around a little more looking at lights then headed into “town”.  I had to stop by the ABC store to pick up some Brandy.  I had no idea that Brandy is so popular this time of year.  I had stopped at another ABC store this afternoon and they were sold out of the Peach and the Apricot variety.  At this store, I bought one of the last two Peach flavors that they had and the Apricot was all sold out.  

I go to the liquor store like once every five years or so.  Which if you add it up I have been 2 times in my life!  They have this sign by the register that says “If you are under 30 years of age be prepared to show your license.”  I had it all ready (even though I am a smidgen over 30!) and the dude didn’t even ask to see it.  Bummer.  Guess I really look my age now.  He could of at least asked and made me feel better!  Anyway–I had to get the Brandy to make this Brandy slush.  I am not a drinker–in fact the last time I drank alcohol was last Christmas and it was this slush!  But it was really good so I am going to try and make it and take it to–get this–the church Christmas party.  Yeah, you could say that we are not your typical church. 

We then went to Sonic–another yearly tradition when we go look at lights.  Then a trip to Walmart, which surprisingly wasn’t too bad considering it’s the weekend before the big day.  Then back home.  I made my first of two batches of Chex Mix tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get the other batch done along with sausage balls, chocolate covered peanut butter cookies and some other as yet undecided treat that I will give out to my patients next week as Christmas presents.  I have so much to do and did I mention I have to be on call tomorrow too?  And I have about 2 hours of paperwork to finish up from today!  I think it’s just wrong to have to work the weekend before Christmas!  But better this weekend then next because my mom and dad will be here next weekend!

Free Prevention Magazine

So I thought this would be an easier way for you all to get free magazines.  I’ll still post the links when I get an offer in my inbox.  You have to get it quick because some of them go fast. I got an e-mail about Shape and Prevention and Shape is already gone.   

Here is a Prevention Magazine link:

Nikki I sent your name in so you should get an invite and Sherri the next offer I get I will put your name in!

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