Homemade Baby Food and Baby Wipes

Here is a link to my friend Alison’s latest blog post.  She tells all about making baby food!  It’s a GREAT way to save money on feeding your little ones.  Alison provides step by step instructions with photos! 

I’ll be honest–I never made my kids baby food.  I just wasn’t into being frugal when they were babies and honestly I just didn’t have the time.  And I don’t remember them eating that much baby food anyway–we just gave them table food and mashed it up really well! 

Although I didn’t make baby food I did make my own baby wipes!  It’s easy and saves a lot of money!

(This isn’t my photo but you get the idea!)

Take a roll of sturdy (but soft!) paper towels and cut them in half.  I like to use the Bounty ones that are plain white.  I use my electric knife to cut it and it works like a charm.  Remove the inner cardboard and place roll in a plastic container.  I found some containers at Family Dollar that were the perfect size and I have also used old wipe containers.  The round containers are of course much easier.   

Take 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons baby lotion, 2 tablespoons baby wash, and 1 tbsp baby oil and bring to a boil.  Pour over cut paper towels and allow to cool.  The liquid will seep down into the container and will saturate all the paper towels.  I like using Johnson and Johnson’s lavender baby wash and lotion–it makes very nice smelling wipes!

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