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Take 5 Tuesday

Here is something new I’m gonna start.  Take 5 Tuesday!  I’m one of those dorks that loves myspace surveys so this is right down (or is it up) my alley!


1)  5 Things on your Christmas wish list (boy, does this make it easy on my hubby or what?!)

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2)  5 Things on your tree

  • lots and lots of lights
  • lots of balls–green and red and gold ones
  • an ornament that I got in NYC when I was 12
  • an ornament my mom made me with one of my wedding photos on it
  • a large nail that represents Jesus’ death on the cross

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3)  5 of your Christmas traditions

  • the kiddos get new pajamas on Christmas eve and open one other present from Mom and Dad (usually a toy or game to play with that evening)
  • we read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.  I write out phrases from the book on slips of paper and everyone draws one or two out of a hat.  When it gets to your phrase then you get to open one of your gifts.
  • Rachel Ray’s swiss bacon cheese dip is served on Christmas Day along with Easy Christmas Morning Rolls (I’ll post the recipe another day!)
  • we just started this one last year but plan to keep it up–we drive to Sonic for a slushee or ice cream and then drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • we watch “A Christmas Story” at least once on Christmas Day!

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4)  5 Things you like about Christmas

  • spending time with family
  • seeing the girls’ excitement on Christmas morning
  • finding ‘just the right present’ for my hubby
  • the food!
  • celebrating Christ’s birthday (I’m thinking we might have a b-day party for Him this year for Family Fun Night!)

5)  5 Things you don’t like about Christmas

  • the consumerism
  • the commercialism
  • the greed that consumes people this time of year (did ya hear about the mob that killed a Wal-Mart employee on Black Friday?)
  • having to take down the tree–I hate that chore!
  • feeling obligated to buy gifts for people

I have to admit I have not had much Christmas spirit this year.  We’ve been so busy and stressed out lately that I just haven’t had any time to slow down and enjoy it.  I can’t believe it is only 2 WEEKS away!  We are going to hopefully get all our shopping done tomorrow.  We are planning to take the girls to the mall to see Santa this weekend so maybe that will get me more in the spirit.  I love this time of year and I really want to enjoy it since it will probably be our last year celebrating in Virginia.

Anyone else want to join in on “Take 5 Tuesday”?   I won’t tell if you do it on Wednesday!  : )

Homeschool Family

Thanks Alison for directing me to this video!  This is so so funny!

Here is a conversation that just took place in our house:
Annagrace:  “Oh man, I’m gonna miss my favorite shows tonight”.
Me:  “What are your favorite shows?”
Anangrace:  “Mystery Diagnosis and Dr. G: Medical Examiner”.


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