I am sick. I am actually taking the day off work because of it.  This is extrememly unusual for me.  I hate calling in sick and I almost never do it.  I think I have bronchitis.  Aaron helped me listen to my lungs yesterday (it’s rather difficult to hold a stethescope to your back by yourself!) and I had a lot of wheezing in my right lung.  Now today I can feel it in my left lung.  Not good.  I am waiting for my doctor’s office to call back and let me know if they can fit me in today.  I just want some good cough syrup.  My body aches from the coughing! 

I hate missing work.  The last time that I had bronchitis I asked the ER doctor if I could go back to work.  He said, “Well you could but I don’t think your patients would like you very much.”  Then he wrote me a note and told me to stay home for a couple of days. 

So yeah.  I hate this.  I feel so guilt ridden even though I know I can’t help it!  Guess I’ll spend the day watching movies with Madalyn and reading blogs.  Oh–and resting!!!

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December 2008

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