Thanksgiving in Louisville

I thought I’d take a break from posting about homeschooling and share some photos from our trip to Louisville.  My sis-in-law lives there now since returning to the states after serving as a missionary in Venezuela for 5 years.  She’s a pretty cool chick and I think she’s come a long way from the little girl who couldn’t even stay a single night at camp to being a world traveler.  She loves Jesus and loves her family and is just a great girl!   So our family of four along with Aaron’s parents and brother packed up and headed to Louisville for the holiday. 

We drove half way on Wednesday night and stayed in Nitro, WV.  It’s an interesting town.  We stayed right down the street from the Nuclear Power Plant.  nuclear-power-plant 

The hotel we stayed in was a one star hotel.  We found a dirty black sock under the bed and the curtains were held back with thumb tacks.  The bathroom left something to be desired (like maybe some cleaning once in awhile!) but at least we had a warm place to lay our heads for the night.  (I shouldn’t complain–I stayed in much worse places when I traveled to Asia!)

We traveled the rest of the way to Louisville on Thanksgiving Day.  My sis-in-law made the whole Thanksgiving meal by herself!  I was impressed.  She did a great job.  It was all very good!  After the meal we went to the local park so Aaron, Steph and their brother Josh could play disc golf while me, Maw Maw (my mother-in-law), and the girls went to the playground. 

The next day me, Aaron’s mom and Steph went to Old Navy and Target.  I was happy to find a winter coat at Old Navy 50% off!  I had bought a coat at Target that I decided I didn’t want so I took that back and got a couple of Christmas gifts.  The stores were not really that crowded!  After that we went back home and gathered up the rest of the family and headed downtown to a parade.  It was Madalyn’s third birthday so it was pretty exciting for her to get to go to a parade on her birthday!  She had never been to a parade and was pretty excited about it!   

Aaron and Madalyn:


My sis-in-law, Steph with the girls:


My beautiful blue eyed girl:


Me and my hubby–and my new coat from Old Navy! : )


On Saturday we went and visited the Team Expansion office where Steph works.  That evening we went to church at Southeast Christian Church and then stopped and got pizza on the way home.  I ran to the Wal-Mart to get a few things including the Santa Clause boxed set (so the girls could watch them on the way home).  

We headed out on Sunday morning hitting the interstate at 8am.  After nine long hours of driving in the rain we arrived back home to Virginia!  We got on the interstate at 8 am and got off the interstate at 5pm.  It was basically interstate the WHOLE WAY.  We made a few stops–Starbucks, bathroom break, breakfast at McDonald’s and lunch at Wendy’s.  It was a long trip but the girls were angels!  I’m so thankful that for a safe trip and the chance to spend some time with Steph!

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  1. 1 Cribb December 8, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Haha, we always stay in really crappy hotels too…they’re cheaper! You know me, I’m not afraid of a few germs…good for the immune system (although usually I take my own pillow because it’s really old and cushy). Great pics…Steph always looks so dang pretty!

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