Bloggy Link Love

I haven’t done this in awhile so I thought I’d share a little blog love with you all!  Here are a few blogs that I read on a regular basis:

Lindsey:  I actually don’t know Lindsey IRL (in real life!) but she and her hubby went to the same college that my hubby and I did (although they are a few years younger than us!).  Lindsey is an RN, has an adorable little boy named Silas, is married to a youth minister and just so happens to live in Greenville, NC–where we are moving to next year!  She is frugal, likes to find bargains, likes simple living and loves Jesus.  (I’m looking forward to meeting her IRL one day–I think we’d get along pretty well!). 

Laura:  Again, don’t know Laura IRL but her hubby Tony went to the same college as me although he’s a little older than me.  Tony is a Christian comedian/singer/songwriter/author.  He’s got some pretty funny songs.  I can remember seeing him perform at youth events when I was in junior high.  Anyway–his wife is pretty awesome.  Other than sharing a name we have a lot of other stuff in common so I really enjoy reading her blog.  She has 3 precious daughters, just sold her home and is packing up to move right before Christmas, she enjoys scrapbooking, decorating, and a good cup of coffee.  She speaks her mind on her blog and isn’t ashamed to profess her love for Jesus! 

Dave:  When Aaron and I were in college we would occasionally drive north to Virginia to visit Christ’s Church where Dave preached.  He’s an awesome speaker and is a pretty smart guy, particularly when it comes to the Bible.  He blogs about Biblical and political stuff and it’s always interesting reading his view on things.  Oh yeah, and he’s a great guy.   

Nesting Place:  I love this girls blog.  Seriously love it!  I have already used several of her ideas (including the Christmas garland on the mantle–can’t wait to post photos of it!).  She has a way of making simple things look beautiful.  Her catchphrase is, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”  Amen, sister.

Hope you enjoy getting to know these fellow bloggers.  Isn’t blogging a weird thing?  You really feel like you get to know people–even people you have never met and may never meet.  I love blogging!

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