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Stupid, Aggravating Day

There are other words I could use to describe my day but since this blog is rated G I better leave it at that.  Here’s how my day went.

9am:  Trip to the ED to have my stupid finger looked at.  The doctor sliced it open (and didn’t even clean it first!  I couldn’t believe it!) and drained pus out of it then the nurse put antibiotic cream and this crazy bandage on it.  


10:30am:  Go to work and find out that I am not allowed to see patients today because I have an “open draining wound”.  In actuality, my wound is not draining now because the doctor got it all out.  But it’s the rules so I have to move all my patients to tomorrow.  Good thing I had nothing planned for tomorrow! 

11:00am:  Log onto my bank account and realize that I’ve overdrawn my account–YES, again.  I totally forgot about a $285 check that had not cleared yet (that I wrote 6 weeks ago!).  So I have to drive home (20 minutes one way) to pick up my credit card (because I don’t carry it in my wallet anymore) so that I can pay for my prescriptions. 

1:30pm:  Back to work for our RN “skills day”.  Went well.  I changed that silly bandage because it was falling off by this point.  My finger looked better but was still very red and swollen. 

3:45pm:  Go to pharmacy and then to Target to get some wall anchors so that we can get our living room back in order from painting this weekend.  Get a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks–yummy. 


4:45pm:  Almost hit a deer on the way home.  By almost, I mean missed it by less than 6 inches.  I swerved into the other lane an lucikly the car coming the other way had stopped or I would have hit them.  Very scary!

Now:  Back home.  Finger hurts–going to take some Tylenol with Codeine in a little bit.  Trying to blog–difficult with a bandaged finger–then going to work on editing some photos.  Then going to take my drugs, change my bandage, and veg out while Biggest Loser is on!  How was everyone elses’ day?!

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