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This is my middle finger on my right hand. I’m not trying to give you the finger, just show it to you.  See the redness?  And the swelling?  Well, it’s pretty darn painful! 



It’s swelled up 2 times the size it should be and is so tight it feels like if I squeeze it, it will pop open.   

I am pretty sure it is what is called a felon–an infection of the soft pad of the finger.  It sounds like it can get pretty serious if it’s not treated so I am going to Emergicare first thing tomorrow a.m.  I’d really prefer to see my doctor (I love my doctor–he rocks!) but it will next to impossible to get in to see him tomorrow. 

I just want it to stop hurting!

My 30 Day Challenge

Last night at 1:30 a.m. I was lying wide awake in bed.  I couldn’t keep my eyes closed.  So many thoughts were racing through my head–getting the house ready to sell, finding jobs, waiting to hear back about Annagrace’s school situation, Madalyn’s birthday coming up, our Thanksgiving trip to Kentucky, work on Monday, along with about 100 other things. 

So I decided I needed to pray.  I will am a ‘little bit all day long’ pray-er.  I have a hard time with sitting down for a designated time and praying.  So as I go through my day I say little prayers along the way.  I’ll pray for my patients as I arrive to their home, I’ll pray for stuff going on with our church family while I’m in my car driving, I’ll say thanks to God when I see a beautiful sunset or when it’s a beautiful day out.  I like staying connected to God in this way–kind of like a constant conversation with Him rather than just a couple designated times a day. 

But as I was laying there last night a thought popped into my head.  I haven’t prayed for Aaron today.  Or yesterday.  Or, well . . . in a really long time.  I also haven’t prayed for my kids in a long time.  I get so wrapped up in what’s going on with my friends’ and patients’ lives that I don’t stop and pray for my own family.  So I am challenging myself for the next 30 days to pray for my husband and my children everyday.  Even when my hubby aggravates and frustrates me (Saturday was a bad day, that’s all I’ll say about that!) and even when my kids are driving me crazy. 

And I want to challenge you to pray for your husband and children everyday for the next 30 days as well.  It can be a simple quick prayer as your child gets on the bus or a simple “Hey God–thanks!” for your hubby.   

Also, while I’m on the subject of prayer–my college friend, Neal is trying something out.  His 60/60 challenge involves stopping every 60 minutes for the next 60 days to think about God.  I admire Neal’s honesty on his blog.  I always laugh when I see how long his blog posts are because, well–that’s Neal!  (And I’m not making fun because I have some reaaaallllyyyy long posts as well!).  Go check out his blog!

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