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Update on my Public School ranting!

Tonight we had an AWESOME teacher conference with Annagrace’s teacher.  Mrs. Phelps–you ROCK!

We met first with Annagrace’s challenge/gifted teacher.  She is the only 1st grader in the school that is in the challenge program so she gets two 45 minute sessions of one on one time with the teacher.  She is learning geometry right now!  She loves this logic game called Rush Hour–definitely putting that on her Christmas list.  She loves solving puzzles and her teacher even said that at recess she sometimes chooses to play this logic game rather than play. 

So then we met with Mrs. Phelps.  She told us what we already knew–that Annagrace is very advanced and gets bored in class because the work is so easy for her.  She actually told us–get this–that SHE recommended we pursue moving her up to second grade!  She said that if it was her child she would definitely attempt to have her moved and she will stand  behind us 100% if we decide to do it!  I felt such a relief because finally someone agrees with us!  She also told us that her current class was not a good learning environment for her.  Apparently there are some really difficult kids in her class and she felt Annagrace would do so much better if she moved up.  She also said that she may still be bored even in second grade because her reading and spelling is on a 4th grade level and her math is also on a 4th grade level!  Her recommended reading level is 3.2-5.1 which essentially means 3rd grade plus 2 months up to 5th grade plus 1 month.  Crazy, right?  We have such a stinkin’ smart kid!  (Must’ve got some good genes from her Daddy!) 

So we are going to write a letter to the principal asking how we need to pursue this.  Mrs. Phelps said she isn’t sure herself how to go about it but recommended we start with a letter.   I am super excited because first of all, it will get her around peers that are more on her intellectual level and will hopefully get her in a better environment. 

I’ll keep everyone posted.  Thanks again to Mrs. Phelps for being so awesome and understanding.  After 1 1/2 years we feel like someone is listening and understands where we are coming from!

Still not sure what we will end up doing next year when we move.  I grew up in Christian school and Aaron didn’t so we are coming from different view points.  No, it isn’t the answer to all the problems but I feel like there were definitly less “trouble” kids and bullying, foul language, etc was not permitted at all.  (I will say that Annagrace’s teacher had a talk with the trouble kid’s dad–see my previous post– and she is hoping some of this inappropriate talk with stop now.)   I’ll have to keep thinking and praying about it and let God lead us in this decision!

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