One More Post about the New Kids

So I’m not the only crazy mom that went to the show, that of course is obvious from the photos and videos of the concert!  Here is a link to another mom’s blog that went–my mom sent me the link today!

And here are the two new little blockheads in the family showing off their shirts.  Annagrace can totally rock that New Kids shirt!  She decided that Danny is her favorite and she is in love with “Please Don’t Go Girl”! 

And here’s me and Madalyn who has developed a new love for “Step by Step”.  What can I say?  The girl’s got good taste.  Ask her who mommy’s favorite is and she points to Jordan every time!   

Sadly, it was back to the real world for me today.  I had to really fight that urge to hop in my car and follow the tour buses to Ohio last Thursday night!  You think my dear hubby would let me go to the Atlantic City show next month?!?!?  Anyone out there wanna go?  Mom?  You’ve seen them once before you could probably take in another show, right?  Or you could go play the slots while I go to the show. 

Come on!  Anyone?!?!? 

1 Response to “One More Post about the New Kids”

  1. 1 Suzanne Dean October 6, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Ha, Ha–I know I’m not the only blockhead around!!! I got you & your mom’s emails today and had to laugh! I’m totally in love w/ Jordan still (much to my hubby’s dismay)!! I haven’t had that much fun in years–oh to be 15 again, right? Silly old me even cried at the very end. I’m on a mission to go again. I’m thinking maybe Phillie–wanna go!!

    hugz from one Jordan fan to another (crazy r we),
    Suzanne Dean

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