Muffin Tin Lunch

Have you heard of muffin tin lunches?  I read about it on a blog awhile ago and kept thinking it would be a neat idea for the girls.  So Saturday, because we were running low on groceries and the girls didn’t want what Aaron and I were having for lunch I threw together a muffin tin lunch for them. 

I was surprised because number 1–they shared without complaining and number 2–they liked all the foods!  Especially the cheese.  Normally Annagrace doesn’t care much for cheese by itself but they both ate it all up!  They had strawberries (and sugar for dipping), grapes, cheese, goldfish, marshmallows, fruit snacks, and PB&Js. 

Yummo!  I think we’ll have many more muffin tin lunches to come!  If I can find them cheap, I’m going to get them individual half dozen muffin pans and I may even decorate it somehow with their names on it!  They loved it (and asked for more cheese)!

(The table they are eating on was another project–I painted the top with chalkboard paint!  They have really enjoyed it.  It’s a nice place to draw towns for play cars, to play tic-tac-toe and just to doodle on!)

2 Responses to “Muffin Tin Lunch”

  1. 1 Mom September 30, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    The muffin tin lunches are a cool idea!! Laura, is that the old round table we got at a thrift store many years ago? If so, I’m glad you finally found a good use for it!

    Love ya, Mom

  2. 2 lsaufley September 30, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    It was the one that we got at that auction in Williamston for $5. Finally after 8 years I have found a good use for it!

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