It’s the Final Countdown . . .

da da da dum . . . da da da dum dum . . !  THREE DAYS until New Kids on the Block!  I am so crazy excited for this.  I have literally been dreaming about it for weeks now!  Seriously, I have had at least three dreams about this concert.  I don’t even want to wake up in the morning because I want to keep dreaming about it . . . sigh.  (My hubby is rolling his eyes right now and thinking, geez I can’t wait until this nonsense is over!  Hey babe–at least I’m not making you sleep on New Kids sheets!).  On Thursday at noon, my friend Steph and I are heading up to DC where we are staying the night at the Red Roof Inn.  It’s walking distance to the Verizon Center and we’ll be heading there around 7 pm or so.  The show starts at 8 and the Kids come on at 9!

Yeah–I’m not embarrassed to profess my love for them!  I don’t care who knows it.  I LOVE NKOTB!  Especially that one in the middle with the red shirt on! : )  Jordan’s been my favorite for a long, long time.    You know what is funny?  My mom still remembers their names.  I guess she didn’t have a choice since that was all I talked about for about 3 years of my life!  (Not to mention that every square inch of my bedroom walls were covered in photos of them!)

Can’t wait to share an update this weekend!  I’m going to sneak in my Flip camera (it may have to come in tucked inside my bra–but it’s coming in with me!).  I hope we get some really good photos and video to share!

2 Responses to “It’s the Final Countdown . . .”

  1. 1 Aaron September 30, 2008 at 7:01 am

    That’s OK. I’ve dried my butt with your New Kids towel many times.

    Love ya, babe.

  2. 2 Heidi September 30, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    I have heard that they were back together. It will be interesting to see what you think of the concert.

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