Getting Back on Track

So I have not been blogging much lately about saving money.  I haven’t been spending much money but I have been spending some.  So I know it’s time to get back on track with paying down my debt, clipping coupons and counting my pennies!  I bought a Dave Ramsey book tonight–I’ve had lots of people recommend him to me and my friend Nikki was talking about him yesterday and it motivated me to buy his book “The Total Money Makeover”.

I recently have come into some money that is really going to help me pay down a lot of my debt.  I am anxious to get some bills paid and start throwing more money at my other ‘big’ debts (mainly my van!).  So I’m going to set some goals and start sharing more about what I am doing to cut costs, save money, pay down my debt, be more frugal, etc.  More on that tomorrow because it’s after midnight and I have to work tomorrow!

1 Response to “Getting Back on Track”

  1. 1 Mom September 24, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Dave Ramsey also has a program on one of the news stations – I’m not sure if it’s FoX or CNN. I need to read that book when you finish it!!!

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