ORAM: Office/Guest Room

So Tara Whitney, a photographer whose blog I faithfully read, has what she calls “One Project a Month”–or OPAM.  I love what she did in May–I will totally be copying that when we move!  So I decided since we have sooooo much to do to get our home ready to sell I would start ORAM–“One Room a Month”.  Some rooms just need paint, some need more major stuff (carpet).  Here is my game plan:

August:  Office/Guest Room
September:  Girls’ Room
October:  Work on curb appeal outside and paint upstairs bedroom
November:  Kitchen/Dining Room
December:  Living Room/Total house cleaning

We finished our first room on Friday.  I love decorating, painting, fixing stuff up.  I also love any show on HGTV–particularly “Secrets That Sell” and “Designed to Sell”!  I have read a lot of books on staging homes–I think it would be a fun career.  So here is my humble attempt at staging this home to sell. 

First, the before.  I didn’t clean or straighten it up at all before taking these–I wanted you to get the full effect of the mess that was this room!

  As you can see, it was a disaster!  Aaron loved the Hershey chocolate colored walls.  I hated them.  This is a tiny room with only one north facing window.  It gets very little sunlight and it was so dark even during the day.  The trim was also the wrong color–for some stupid reason I chose an ostrich egg color instead of bright white.  I neglected to take a before pic of the ceiling and the fan.  The ceiling was an off white color and the fan had those fake dark wood grain blades. 

This is the hallway looking in.  We had to get the piano out of there so for now it is in the living room.  (Notice all that lovely junk in the background!)

I’m totally embarassing myself now!  We also had our little deep freezer in there because we had nowhere else to put it! 

Again, embarrassed!  Look at all that junk! 

So on to the after.  The major problems with this room were the color (duh!), the carpet, the closet doors and all the junk!  We decided that it needed to be staged as an office/bedroom combo.  We also wanted Madalyn’s bed in a different room from Annagrace because neither of them have been sleeping well and they just keep each other awake at night!  So we moved Madalyn’s bed in and got the piano and the freezer out!

The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan.  It is a very nice neutral color.  It looks a little more yellow in these photos but if you are wanting to stage your home with a nice neutral, this one is it!  The trim was painted a bright white along with the ceiling.

Carpet will be replaced in the next couple months–gonna wait until we can do it and the girls’ room at the same time. 

As you can see, we also still need to replace the doors.  We just got new 6 panel white doors for the hallway closet so that’s what we are going to get for this room as well.  They are around $60 for the set at Lowe’s.  (Notice beside the window the new addition to my home–my husband’s grandmother’s old manual sewing machine!  My grandma had one just like it and I was happy that Aaron inherited this from his grandma.  It is a beautiful antique and will be a wonderful reminder to Aaron of his grandma and the hours she spent sewing on it!)

Undecided about this armoire.  We may end up moving it to another room just so that this room isn’t so cramped.  (Notice Buddy in the photo!) 

I forgot to get a photo of the fan.  Before it was outdated with those fake dark wood grain blades.  So I took them off and painted them!  It looks like a brand new fan!  It was one of the best ideas I have ever had.  It saved a lot of money that we would have spent to replace the outdated fan.  A little Kilz spray paint and a couple top coats of semi gloss white spray paint and it’s like new! 

So my total spent on this room so far:

Paint, painting supplies, spray paint and joint compound (had some major holes that had to be repaired) was around $110.  Another $60 for the doors and I guesstimate about $250 for the carpet (I have some picked out at Ollie’s Bargain Store) plus some for the installation for an approximate grand total of $500. 

I think that is money well spent!

5 Responses to “ORAM: Office/Guest Room”

  1. 1 Aaron August 25, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Whose junk was that? About 15% of it was mine. Whose was the other 85%? Wink wink.

  2. 2 Melissa August 25, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    I like the new color in there. Very nice and neutral. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the dark chocolate that was there too much…but then again, I do like the lighter and brighter colors!

    It looks good. It takes time but you can get all the things you need to do done before you put it on the market.

    Great idea for making the fan look like new too! It’s definitely better than going out and buying a new one!!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. 3 nowstarter August 25, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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  4. 4 lsaufley August 26, 2008 at 6:55 am

    So I’m sure that was a spam comment (above) but I looked at that site and actually it seems like a neat idea. I was disappointed that they don’t have Martha Stewart’s Cornflower color. It must have been discontinued because the girl at Lowe’s couldn’t find it either and when she color matched it she really screwed up–it is nowhere near the same color.

    So I may have to repaint the upstairs bathroom because I have no more paint and I have holes in the wall to repair.

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