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You better pay those library fines!

Funny story here.  Better pay those fines!

The Cheapest Family in America

Here is a video about ways this family saves money on groceries.  This family of 6 gets their groceries for $350 a month.  I know of people who do a little better than that–Crystal over on Money Saving Mom has a weekly budget of $40–so her monthly budget is around $160 (she has two small children which definitely makes a difference as opposed to having teenagers).  So how much do YOU spend a month?  What is your weekly/monthly budget?

This is something I want to work on–sticking to a budget in this department!  I used to go to the grocery store about every 10 days or so, not pay any attention to sales or prices and would spend around $150-$200.  Which made our grocery budget around $400-500 a month.  Now I go almost weekly, clip coupons and usually spend around $75 a week.  So I’m averaging around $300 a week.  I know I can do better than that! 

Leave me comments and let me know what your budget is!  I’m curious to see  how much different size families spend.

Coming this week . . . I’m gonna start posting about staging and preparing our home to sell.  This will be the second time we have sold a house so we are starting to become ‘experts’ at it!  (Our first home was bought for $85,000 and we sold it three years later for $114,000.  It’s amazing what a little improvements here and there will make!)  We have a goal to have our house on the market around the first part of 2009 so we have a lot to do before then!  I’ll be posting before and after photos of each room and what we do to it.  My goal is to spend as little money as possible and get back as much as possible when we sell it!

First up will be the office/guest room which we just painted last night and Aaron finished up today.  It looks 100% better!

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