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Joel Osteen the Game–I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

Today I went to the local “Christian” bookstore.  (I am still amazed that that place is open on Sunday.)  I don’t typically visit this store.  Long story short, I think they overprice their items and I’m not into all the religious fluffy stuff.  But anyway, I wanted to find a Derek Webb CD and knew my chances of finding it at Target or Circuit City were slim.  So I went there (and luckily found the last copy of the CD I wanted).

While I was there I browsed the game section.  I was taken back and very apalled to find this:

Yes people.  That is a Joel Osteen board game.  Like I said, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I thought about that game all the way home.  What is the purpose other than to suck a little more money out of people and to fatten up Joel’s wallet?  I mean, really.  It is a stupid game with a stupid premise and he is using it as another tool to deceive millions of people into believing that God is going to solve all their problems.  According to Joel, once you give your life to God, He will give you more money, a better life, a better marriage, a nicer car, a nicer home, and good health.  And if you do not have those things then you must not have enough faith. 

It has been my experience that if you live a Christian life, I’m talking about an authentic Christian life where Jesus is your first and foremost priority (and not a multi-million dollar church building, fancy three peice suits and porcelein veneers bright enough to be seen from Outer Space) that your life is going to be more difficult–not easier!  Jesus doesn’t want us comfortable and rich!  I’d like to tell Mr. Osteen that if he believes that our wellness depends on our faith then he is making a liar and a mockery out of my mama.  And I ain’t down with that.  My mama is one of the most faithful, gentle and God-loving people that I know and yet her body is crippled from arthritis.  So is Mr. Joel saying that she doesn’t have enough faith?!  He can bite his tongue and swallow it for implying that!   

So maybe I am opening a can of worms here, but what do y’all think about Joel Osteen?  Do you think he is legit and that he truly loves the Lord?  Or is a money hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Do you think he is knowingly deceiving people?  Or has he himself been decieved? 

I’m curious to know what other’s opinion of him is.  If you have an opinion at all, please comment!

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