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Packing, packing, packing!

I love packing for vacation.  I love the anticipation and the countdown until departure!  So we are now at T minus 2 days until we leave for a week of R&R in the Outer Banks!   We have spent a week there every year (except 2006–my mom was in the hospital pretty much that whole summer) since 2005.  It’s our new family tradition and we love it!

So today is our big packing day.  We have to clean out the car, go get some groceries to take along, get all my things at work wrapped up, and of course, pack our stuff!  I found this helpful little guide online.  It’s a packing checklist and you can choose what type of vacation you are going on for a specific list!  The lists are extensive and thorough.  I’m printing out the beach one right now!  You can also find a pre-vacation checklist of things to remember to do around the home.  It just gave me a reminder that I need to ask the neighbors to pick up our mail!      

The Real Simple website has all kinds of helpful things on it.  I love Real Simple magazine but unfortunately it’s also real expensive so I either pick up used copies at the library or read it online.  Lots of great and helpful stuff to be found there!

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