BNL: Snacktime–Great Family Friendly CD

I have never been one of those moms who listens to kiddie CDs in the mommy van.  My kids listen to whatever I listen to (except Eminem–I save that for when I’m alone!) which explains my 2 year old’s love of Queen and my 6 year old’s obsession with Bob Marley. 

When I heard the Barenaked Ladies had released a kid’s album my interest was peaked.  I’ve always been fond of BNL and thought it sounded pretty interesting.  I found the video for “789” and loved it so while in Target the other night I picked up the CD.  I thought it would be neat to listen to it on our 5 hour drive to the beach this Friday.  I love it!  And the girl’s love it!

It’s like the Wiggles, They Might Be Giants (who also have a kids album out–I’ve only heard one song on it so far and it’s good too!), Shel Silverstein and a little bit of Moe thrown all together.  What I really like about it is all the different genres of music that are represented.  You can hear country, bluegrass, 80’s and even gospel influences in the music! 

 Aaron is loving “Snacktime” (“a day without snacktime, that just isn’t right”), Annagrace really likes “Popcorn” (“pop, pop, pop, pop, pop . . . .”), and I’m really liking “Crazy ABCs” (“A is for aisle, B is for Bdellium, C is Czar, and if you see him would you mind telling him”).  All the songs are so cute!

Check out the video for “789” and then go buy this CD!

ETA:  So last week the story broke that BNL’s lead singer was busted for cocaine possession.  He claims that he was an innocent bystander to it all.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  When you just happen to be in someone’s home at 2 am and they just happen to break out the coke right in front of you?  And you just happen to have a capsule of it in your bottle of Calcium pills?  So anyway–made me a little sad that they just put out a children’s album.  What a role model. 

2 Responses to “BNL: Snacktime–Great Family Friendly CD”

  1. 1 Aaron July 7, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Hi, my name is Aaron. And I like Hershey’s chocolate bars.

    Oh, oh….. snack time.

  2. 2 melissaeparks July 8, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    I love BNL 🙂 Can’t wait to check out the CD! Hope you guys have a great vacation!

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