What I Threw Away Today


Wow … two posts in one day.  Lucky you!

I have been on a cleaning and organizing and simplifying frenzy!  I am a self proclaimed sentimental pack rat.  Now I try to donate or reuse as many things around the house as possible.  But somethings just have to be thrown away.  And today I threw away:

  • a canvas Christmas tree bag that we no longer use and that was infested with ants (YUCK!)
  • 8 manuals to various electrical items and toys that we no longer have
  • the back part of about 15 cards (I am reusing the front so don’t be surprised if you get a card from me and it’s just the front!)

And today I donated lots and lots of stuff including:

  • 4 boxes of household items
  • a light fixture that used to be in my old house
  • a car seat that Madalyn outgrew 1.5 years ago
  • a huge box full of various cassette tapes (I found them in the shed and didn’t even open the box because I knew I’d be tempted to keep them!)
  • A Swiffer wet jet that I never use
  • a box full of books
  • a bag full  of toys that the kids have outgrown

And I have various other things lying around that I am giving away to friends (mostly baby clothes and toys) and another van load of stuff that Aaron and I are taking by Goodwill tomorrow night when we go out on a date.  What exactly is a date?  Aaron said something about going on one and I can’t remember what that is?!  We are going to see “The Happening”–the new M. Night Shyamalan movie with my man Marky Mark in it!  Uh, uh, uh . . . can’t wait to see it!   

Mark Wahlberg

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