Terrible Twos

For those of you who think that Madalyn is a sweet little innocent girl, I present exhibit one:  this photo taken by my hubby yesterday.  Any guesses as to what that glorious white substance is????  That would be sunscreen.  What you don’t see is the floor.  The couch.  And the carpet.  And what you also don’t see is her repeat performance last evening with the cool whip.  (No pictures of that one because I was home alone with her and believe me–it wasn’t pretty!).  Good thing Aaron has a lot more patience with her than I do because he took time to take this photo in between laughing at her!

And to think we still have 5 more months in the twos and a WHOL E YEAR of the dreaded threes to look forward to!

1 Response to “Terrible Twos”

  1. 1 Melissa Parks June 12, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Well, I guess on a good note, you don’t have to worry about your wall, couch, carpet and floor having to fight off the UVA/UVB rays 🙂 But the cool whip…hmmm…I can’t figure that one! I guess it’s the exploratory age where they just have to get into everything!

    Two is a crazy age…my sister says she’s having some issues with Trent now too. He has a habit of finding hers and Kelsey’s make-up stash and putting on the lipstick…he’s pretty good with the bottom lip! Also he got a bug bite when I was visiting and got into my mom’s lotion and slathered it down with lotion (which also ended up all over my mom’s bed! He was supposed to be napping!)

    Good thinking on Aaron’s part with the picture there…something to look back at and laugh!

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