Showing some Sunday Bloggy Love


I thought I’d share some blog love today and link you to some of my favorite blogs of the moment.  I love reading blogs.  I love to hear other people’s ideas, thoughts, dreams, and stories.  I read a varied mix of blogs from people all over the place. 

WalkSlowlyLiveWildly–I’ve mentioned Sara’s blog before but it’s worth mentioning again since it’s my current favorite.  She hasn’t had much time to post lately as she and the fam are traveling around the country on the Live Lightly Tour spreading the idea of sustainable living in their veggie powered RV!  She also is a photographer and has another blog at Happy Foody.  She has great green living ideas and is an inspiration!   

Flip Flop Mamma is a blog I just found last week from a comment/link off of Sara’s page.  She’s currently living in Indiana, is a young mother of 3, a minister’s wife, and also enjoys green living!  She’s also sporting some pretty cool new dreads and an awesome new tattoo on her arm!  She introduced me to the song Wedding Dress by Derek Webb–if you haven’t heard it, you need to listen to it!!!  I made it my profile song on my Myspace Page!  Check it out!

Tara Whitney is a totally awesome photographer living in California with her brood of 4 children.  She is the person that got me totally addicted to photography.  I love her style.  She is a scrapbooker which is how I originally found her blog.  I love reading her blog!  She is always sharing links for cool things she has found around the web and has recently started “OPAM” (“one project a month”) where she encourage readers to choose and then complete one project each month and then blog about it!  She has a cute house too and I love seeing photos of the projects that she has completed.  You must check out her pink closet!

Nicole is a fellow photographer and I think I that is how I found her.  She also was a member at ProPhotoLearning Center–a photography forum that I am a member of.  She is a wife, mommy to 2 handsome boys (including one that is less than a month old!), a teacher, and a scrapbooker.  She lives in Michigan and just sold her house and moved (right after bringing home a newborn!)  I love her honest blogs and her sense of humor.  She really puts it all out there sometimes and can be quite opinonated which I love!     

Donna Downey is a scrapbooker and artist.  She has written several project books and has lots of give aways on her blog!  She also makes video blogs and has recently lost lots of weight and tries to blog a weight loss update each week!  She’s from up north (I think NJ) and now lives in good old North Carolina.  She is going to be at the Scrapbook Store in Richmond in September–I’d love to be able to meet her.  She’s a cool chick.        

Jessica is a photographer in Indiana.  She’s another friend from ProPhotoLearningCenter.  She has 3 adorable kids (including a pretty spunky little red headed 3 year old girl!).  I enjoy keeping up with Jess and seeing her photography skills improve!

Ali is another scrapbooker who lives in Eugene OR with her husband (handsome Chris who is a House Representative) and her cute son Simon.  Simon is autistic and Ali has done so much on her blog to promote autism awareness.  Ali is a contributing editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine.  I love her art projects and just reading about her life in general.  I also think it’s pretty cool that she and Chris were married the exact same day that Aaron and I were back on August 1, 1998.  Also, their first child Simon was born the same year and month as our firstborn child! 

And these are not blogs but totally worth checking out:

Etsy is a place for people to sell their handmade products.  You can find soap, clothes, crafts, jewelry, teas, pocketbooks, housewares, cards–a little bit of everything! 

CafePress is a place to find shirts, books, bags, etc. with various logos and things on them.  You can find just about anything there.  I love their funny shirts!  I even found an “I love New Kids on the Block” shirt that I am totally getting to wear to the concert!  The cool thing about CafePress is that you can make up your own logo, upload it and offer your own products.  They only make the stuff after people order and then you make money off it!  Donna and Ali (listed above) have their own stores there! 

Happy surfing on Sunday everybody!  I may have to start doing this every Sunday.  Sharing new interesting things that I found out there on the worldwide web! 

And I promise to get around to posting some more deals this week!  This is grocery shopping week so I am hoping Kroger or Martin’s has some good deals this week! 

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