The Tonsillectomy

Annagrace had her surgery last week and she was such a brave girl!  We spent the night in the hospital and came home after lunch on Friday.  She is still on pain medication every 4 hours but she is eating pretty well and seems to be feeling fine.  In fact, we have to constantly remind her that she can not run, jump, skip, dance, etc.  And if you know her, you know how hard that is!  Here are a few pictures I just uploaded!

 This one was taken in the OR holding room right before they wheeled her and Teddy away.  Annagrace told me that Teddy got his own mask in the OR!

And here she is right after returning to her room.  She had received 3 doses of Morphine and was pretty conked out.   She told me later, ‘Mom I didn’t even feel it when they took them out!” 

  She had an IV with continuous fluids throughout the night and had to wear an oximeter (measures O2 levels in the blood) all night. 

  Here she is all curled up with her new Webkinz–a gift from me that she received right after surgery.  He’s a little polar bear that she named “Cutie.”

  And here is little sissy coming for a visit complete with her crown and 3 snazzy necklaces that she shared with Annagrace.  She was very concerned about Annagrace and her ‘boo-boos’! 

So Annagrace will be out of school for all of next week and then no activity for another week after that!  She’s gonna have a tough time with that!  Her last tap dance class is on Wednesday so she’s just gonna have to watch and then her recital is 2 weeks from today so she’ll be better just in time.

And last but not least, here is a drawing that totally made me smile.  This is an Annagrace original.  A representation of our family drawn on the dry erase board in the office.  (Check out my red dress and red heels!).  I think it’s kind of funny that she and I are dressed alike and Aaron and Madalyn are dressed alike!


1 Response to “The Tonsillectomy”

  1. 1 Melissa May 3, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    I am so glad she is doing well! And she got visited by a princess in the hospital too…that was too cute!! I love the drawing by the way, just curious though, is it me or is your dress a bit short 🙂 Seriously though, glad that everything is going well. It’ll be tough to keep her down for so long, but get her lots of books and maybe that will help!!! Keep us posted on how she’s doing! Love ya!

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