Haven’t been around much lately . . .

but then again, I haven’t been spending much money lately either so that is a GOOD thing!  We recently got new bikes (paid for by part of our tax refund!) and we have been trying to spend more time doing things together as a family!  We found an awesome deal on a bike trailer at Walmart.  I searched online and the cheapest thing I could find was still almost $80.  We went to Walmart though and they had one for $35!  That was a steal!  And it was just as nice as the ones online!  Madalyn loves it (and even fell asleep in it this afternoon!).  It is very sturdy and attaches easily to the bike and then it folds down flat for storage. 

We have been out riding several times.  We are planning on getting an attachment to go on Aaron’s bike for Annagrace.  It has one wheel, pedals and handlebars and attaches to the back of an adult bike.  It’s pretty neat and I think it will help her learn how to ride her own bike better.  We have to go pretty slow when she is with us!

I haven’t had any deals to post about lately except I did get some really good Martin’s checkout coupons the other day–two $5 off of one purchase coupons.  I plan to use those for my grocery shopping trip next week.  I shopped at Food Lion on Friday night for this week’s groceries.  I didn’t need a whole lot–just meat, milk and bread and then a few things here and there.  I was in a hurry, really didn’t have a good plan of what I needed to get and had very few coupons and I spent $90!  That is insane!  I have been doing all our grocery shopping for the week for less than $75.  I was pretty bummed about that .  It really does save time although it is time consuming.  That is a small price to pay to save money!

Don’t miss this!   I just found this out on TheCentsibleSawyer blog.  You can get some $3 off of $15 coupons from CVS!  They are unlimited–print to your heart’s content.  For the details visit her blog HERE.   I have already printed off several.  I have ECBs to spend this week so I need those!

And last but not least, this week is the big surgery–Annagrace’s tonsillectomy is Thursday.  Wow.  Time is just zipping right by.  She will be missing a whole week of school (including a field trip) which she is actually a little upset about.  But my mom and dad are coming up on Wednesday and she is ecstatic about that!  I’ll be sure to take some photos to document the surgery and will post them here next week.  Wish us luck!  She asked me the other night, ‘Mom, what if something goes wrong?” and I have been thinking that same thing ever since.  Please pray for Dr. N who is doing the surgery and for all of us and especially for Annagrace afterwards.  We’ll be loading up on ice cream this week!

So that’s it for today.  Hope to be around some more soon!  Gotta get out there and find some more deals!  

2 Responses to “Haven’t been around much lately . . .”

  1. 1 Melissa Parks April 28, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    You guys are in our prayers! Hope Annagrace’s surgery goes well! Let us know how it all turns out 🙂

  2. 2 Misty April 30, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Hope Annagrace’s surgery goes really well. You guys take care.
    Love ya,

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