Kill Your T.V.


Annagrace’s school is really pushing National TV Turn-Off Week.  It’s a pretty neat idea.  They are encouraging kids to turn off the t.v. and do other things.  Here are some interesting facts about t.v.

  • The number of hours the average American kid watches t.v. per year:  1500!
  • American children and adolescents spend 22 to 28 hours per week viewing television, more than any other activity except sleeping. By the age of 70 they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching TV. (The Kaiser Family Foundation)
  • Children who spend more than 4 hours per day watching t.v. are more likely to be overweight.
  • 66% of American households watch TV while eating dinner.

For more about Turn off Your TV Week, go HERE.  There are some really good thought provoking articles to be read there! 

So Annagrace was given a list of suggestions of things to do instead of watching t.v.  I told her to check off all the things she would like to do and even if we can’t do them ALL this week, we can try to do them all over the summer.  Here is her list:

  1. Put together a puzzle.
  2. Visit the library.  Borrow a book.  (We do this every other week already!)
  3. Go roller skating.
  4. Paint a picture.
  5. Visit the park.
  6. Read a book aloud to your little sister.
  7. Plan a picnic.
  8. Play with your pet.
  9. Write a letter to a friend or relative.
  10. Learn to cook.
  11. Plant a flower or garden.
  12. Read magazines of newspapers.
  13. Plan a slumber party.
  14. Start a neighborhood basketball, soccer or kickball game.
  15. Go camping. (I really want to do this one too!)
  16. Start a journal.
  17. Go to a museum.
  18. Take a nature hike.  Collect seeds and leaves.
  19. Play cards.
  20. Go for a walk of bike ride.  (More about that one later!)
  21. Get out old family photos.
  22. Make crafts to give as gifts.
  23. Make up a story and write it down.
  24. Learn to say a few simple phrases in different languages.
  25. Ask and older family member to tell you a story about his or her childhood.  Write about it.
  26. Bake 2 batches of cookies; one for your family and one for a neighbor.
  27. Learn some new riddles or jokes.
  28. Go bowling.
  29. Go fishing.  (Papa–are you reading this?!)
  30. Watch the night sky.  (One of my favorite things to do).
  31. Begin a family project.
  32. Fly a kite at the park.
  33. Play a board game together.

Whew!  That’ll keep us busy for awhile!  Tonight was our first t.v. free night.  It hasn’t been on all evening and it is very eerily quiet.  We wanted to take our new bikes–see my next post for more on that–out for a spin but the rain kept us from it.  So we stayed inside and played with floam (which I found on the 90% off table at CVS!) and then played Last Word.  (I took photos but my camera is acting goofy at the moment.  I’ll have to try to get those up tomorrow.)   I’m going to try to document what we do each night this week.  Hopefully this is something we will keep up.  (I have to confess though, I will not, I repeat WILL NOT miss American Idol this week!)

And since I think that we should be watching less tv and we all could stand to be more active I have made my own list of things that I want to do this Spring/Summer.  I have made a new page for it up top–see the Our Family’s Activities tab?–and will update it as we complete them!    

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