Budget Busters!

I’ve been tagged!  Thanks Kendra from Handprints on the Wall!  Here are my top five budget busters:

1)  Gas!  I have to agree with Kendra on that one!  Since I work in Home Health I do a lot of driving.  Luckily we are reimbursed for mileage–almost 50 cents to the mile.  So that helps out big time.  Also that money is not taxed.  But is still hurts when I have to pay $60 to fill up the tank! 

2)  Car Payment.  Yikes.  It’s $350 a month!  It really stretches me to pay that every month but I have to have a reliable car for work and since we have gotten used to all the room we have in our minivan I can’t imagine downsizing it! 

3)  Aaron’s Medicine.  He pays over $100 a month for his meds.  They are meds he will be on the rest of his life.  There is no getting off of them (he had a kidney transplant) so there is no way that we can decrease that bill. 

4)  School loan payments.  These are Aaron’s bills to pay.  The end is in sight however! 

5)  Medical bills.  Thank goodness for health insurance.  But even still, this one has killed us this Winter and Spring.  First was my colonoscopy.  Then Aaron’s kidney CT.  Madalyn has had 3 ear infections–that’s $30 per infection for doctor’s visits (one to diagnose the problem and then a recheck a week later).  Plus 3 different antibiotics.  Annagrace has had tonsillitis already once this year.  That required 2 trips to the doctor, an antibiotic, one trip to the ENT doctor, and now surgery to remove her tonsils on May 1!  I also am still paying on my hospital bill from having Madalyn 2 1/2 years ago.  I’m on a payment plan with the hospital and since I work there, they take it out of my paycheck.  I just roll over all the new charges onto that account and pay $50 a month on it.  I’ll be so glad when all that is paid for though!  I have it down to less than $300 now but Annagrace’s surgery will jack it back up! 

I don’t know who to tag next so if you see this and want to play along . . . just do it!  And leave me a comment with a link if you do!

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