Kroger Deals are AWESOME this week!

No picture because I don’t think I could fit it all in!  But check out MoneySavingMom for deal ideas.  There are certain items marked and if you buy 10 of them, you get $5 off your total.  You can do this 3 times per transaction.  My first total before any discounts was over $165.  After using my Kroger card and lots of coupons, it came down to $73!!!!  I was amazed!  I am going to look through my mom’s coupons and see if she has any I can use and go back this week.  It’s a great time to stock up your pantry and freezer with spaghetti sauce, cans of sloppy joe, Hot Pockets, paper towels and lots of other stuff!  My best deal was Scott paper towels for less than $1 a roll (I got 8!) and I got 3 bags of Betty Crocker sugar cookies FREE once my coupons were doubled.  Don’t miss out on the deals! 

 Martin’s/Giant also has some good deals if you have coupons.  They had 4 $1 coupon doubler coupons in their sale paper this week.  The only catch is you have to buy $15 worth of products after the discounts.  Still, those coupon doublers really helped and we got a lot of stuff there too!       

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