Let’s Talk about Cell Phones

My hubby and I both had cell phones several years ago.  When he went to full time status at church (and was home most of the day with the kids) and I started my new job in Home Health (where I have a company cell phone) we decided that it was a luxury that we really didn’t need.  I hate to talk on the phone anyway so I really didn’t need a cell phone and since Aaron was always at home it was no problem reaching him when I needed him.

Well, like I said I have a company cell phone.  We are only given 200 minutes a month with evenings and weekends free.  But here’s the thing.  We are required to check our voice mail 3 times daily.  Plus on any given day I may be paged 3-4 times to my voice mail requiring 3-4 additional calls during the day.  I also use my work phone to call my patients.  Some of them I can call from home in the morning but I usually call them when I am on the road during the day to schedule their visits.  And there are always patients who have caller ID who I do not necessarily want to have my home phone number.  So when it is all said and done, I generally use anywhere from 500-700 minutes a month on my work phone.  Now that is a great deal over the 200 minutes that we are alloted.  So when we go over that amount, I have to pay for it myself and it is deducted from my monthly mileage check.  Well this month I am going to have to have $150 dollars deducted from my paycheck!!!!!  OUCH!!!! 

We have talked to the higher ups about increasing our minutes because I am not the only one that goes over almost every month–there are several others.  Most of my co-workers have personal cell phones that they use to call doctor’s offices and check their voice mail just to save on their work phone minutes.  Well the ‘higher ups’ will not be re-negotiating our deal until MARCH 2009!  So we are stuck with what we have for the next year.  My supervisor and our “cell phone person” said they would get together and try to figure something out to help us out a little–possibly moving minutes around or having a group amount of minutes somehow.  I’m not sure what they will do.

So here is my dilemma.  Do I get a personal cell phone and fork over $40-50 a month for it?  I guess I would be saving money because I would get my full mileage check every month (I am consistently over $100 every month because of cell phone overage).  I have tried my best to decrease the amount of minutes on my phone.  But I feel that to do my job and to do it WELL I have to use my cell phone.  When my pager goes off I have to answer it right away.  Some of my fellow co-workers may be able to wait until they reach their next destination to answer a page, but it drives me crazy if I don’t answer it right then and there.  Same thing with calling doctor’s offices.  If I have a patient concern, I have to call right away.  Sometimes I try to call from patient’s home but sometimes I just don’t have time.  And if I wait until I get home I either forget or I get home so late that the offices have closed. 

I don’t know what to do!  I haven’t had a cell phone in so long that I don’t even know what the going monthly rate is now.  Ahh . . . decisions, decisions.  Well our cell phone person at work told me to wait a few days before deciding because they were going to try to come up with some ideas to move our minutes around.  So I guess I’ll know something next week and if I need to I can go out and get a cell phone next weekend. 

Anyone have any advice?!  Any tips on getting a good deal on a phone? 

3 Responses to “Let’s Talk about Cell Phones”

  1. 1 aysha March 17, 2008 at 9:02 am

    i suggest looking into a family plan with your husband, i think for $70 a month you can get close to 1000 minutes plus free nights/weekends plus free calls to anyone who owns tmobile (family adn friends) . this is with the tmobile service, which we have in nj, but im not sure if you have it in VA. OR you can opt for a plan of your own. for $40 a month you can get your own 1000 minutes and free weekends. this is a limited time offer so look into it quick. i think tmobile gives the most bang for the buck…other companies dont give nearly asd many minutes.

  2. 2 lsaufley March 17, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks Aysha! I think I’m just gonna have to suck it up and get one. For $40 a month, that’s a pretty good deal. And then I wouldn’t have to stress every month about how much I have taken out of my check!

  3. 3 Shelby Mutherspaw March 18, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Hey! You may want to check into getting a prepaid phone. You can add mintues to your phone when you need them and you wouldn’t have to get stuck in a contract. I’m pretty sure almost every cell phone company offers a prepay plan ..I know Verizon and Ntelos does.

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