$5 off $15 purchase at CVS

 **ETA:  Apparently the coupon is no longer printing out–my mom tried today, 3/05/08 and it didn’t print at the bottom of the page. ** 

I found this over on Crystal’s blog (MoneySavingMom).  Click this link and complete the enrollment form.  Then log in with your user name and password and click on “My Medical Record” up at the top.  Click on Membership ID card and then print it.  (You do not need to add any information to the membership card.  I didn’t put any of my personal info on it at all–just my name.)  When you print it there will be a coupon at the bottom for $5 off a $15 purchase.  Also, you can earn $30 just for transferring a prescription to CVS.  I am trying to get Aaron to transfer at least one of his prescriptions to CVS so we can get that $30 coupon.  I don’t take any prescription meds so it’s all on him for this one!

 ETA:  You can print this coupon off more than once from the same account!  I entered Aaron’s info and printed one off with his info and just for fun printed mine off again and I got another coupon!  So now I have 3 to use.   They are good through 3/31/08!   

While we are on the subject–do any of you out there get your prescriptions in the mail?  If so, how much do you save by doing that?  We need to look into this for Aaron.  I think–if I remember correctly–that we can get 3 months worth for the cost of 2 with the company that my employer works with.  He spends approximately $100 a month on his meds (that’s with a really good prescription card too.  It would be thousands if we didn’t have insurance!) and if we went to mail order he could save about $400 a year.  Luckily, no one else in our family is on any prescription meds.  And if any of you are wondering, Aaron had a kidney transplant in 1997 so he is on a lot of anti-rejection meds.  (But we have been blessed with his good health over the last 11 years–no rejections and really no major sickness of any kind at all!  God is good . . . all the time!)  

Another question along the healthcare line.  Do any of you use a Flexible Medical Spending account through your employer?  I had a co-worker that did this and she tried to convince me to do it too.  I just wasn’t interested at the time but now I’m wondering if I should look into it.  I’m not sure what all is included so I don’t know if it would benefit us or not.  We are not a family that takes many medications other than an occasional Tylenol or cold medicine so I don’t know if it would be worth it to set up an account like this or not.  Anyone out there have any thoughts?       

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  1. 1 GoodCents March 2, 2008 at 8:21 am

    I’m jumping off the subject here but I just wanted to say you have a really cute blog.. I love the layout, the colors, and your banner… just really cute and clean and neat.. ok, that’s it.. 🙂

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