Frugal Fridays


So here is my frugal idea for this week.  I haven’t actually implemented it YET but plan to next week.  I am going to learn how to groom my dog.  I had budgeted $30 out of my next paycheck for the cost of taking Buddy to the groomers.  He is long overdue and is quite shaggy at this point and I was hoping I’d have time before our trip to North Carolina.  But then I started thinking about how much money I spend at the groomers each year.  Now I don’t groom Buddy as often as I should.  I’m sad to say that he gets a little neglected in that department.  On average, he goes to the groomers about 2-3 times a YEAR!  (Yes, I know.  I’m a terrible doggy mama.)  Did I mention he is a cocker spaniel?  So he gets pretty darn shaggy sometimes.  When he can no longer see through his ‘bangs’ then I know it’s time to get him groomed.  

So to save some money (and have a happier, more frequently groomed dog) I am planning on investing in some dog clippers and doing it myself.  I found these Wahl clippers at Petco that cost not quite $40.  So after my second time of clipping him they will have paid for themselves.  My only worry is clipping his nails.  He hates having his feet messed with and I have never had any good luck with that! 

If anyone reading this has any advice for me I’d appreciate it!  I’ll post the before and after pictures next week!    

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