All About CVSing

I mentioned yesterday that I would talk a little about saving money at CVS.  I know what you are thinking–“everything is so expensive there”.  I used to think the same way.  In fact, just a month ago I never would have imagined myself shopping at CVS on a weekly basis.  I stumbled upon a few frugal blogs and instantly got hooked on the idea of shopping at CVS.

 Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to share a website with you that will explain everything you need to know about CVSing.  First, CVS 101 is a tutorial.  And you’ll also want to read How to Make CVS Work for You  .  You will learn all about Extra Care Bucks (ECBs), smart couponing, stacking coupons and much more!  The author of the blog, Crystal, posts all the weekly and monthly deals and includes how she plans to use it to her advantage.  If you go to the home page of her blog, MoneySavingMom you will find a couple of podcasts as well that are very informative!

So here is an example of how I made CVS work for me last week.  Last week I needed diapers.  Ok, well actually Madalyn needed the diapers but you get the point!  The small pack of Huggies were $9.99.  Now I could have gone in and bought just the diapers, spent my $9.99 plus tax and been on my way.  I would’ve walked out with one small bag of diapers.  Instead, here is what I bought in 2 separate transactions:

Transaction #1
1 Maybelline eyeshadow trio for $5.49   (earned $5.49 in ECBs)
1 Fructis conditioner for $3.99  (earned $3.99 in ECBs)
Paid out of pocket $9.48 plus tax. 

Then I turned around and put those ECBs to good use.

Transaction #2:
Huggies $9.99 – $2 coupon that I found in the paper=$7.99
2 large bags of M&Ms $4 – $1 coupon found in the same paper=$3
Total $10.99 minus the ECBs from my first transaction and my total was $1.51!  And I earned 2 more ECBs!  So basically it was all free!  

So for $10.99 I got diapers, conditioner, eyeshadow and 2 large bags of M&Ms and if you subtract the 2 ECBs that I earned, I actually only spent $8.99 which was less than the diapers were at full price to begin with!!!!

So that is how it works.

I have gotten myself into the mindset of ‘stocking up’.  I used to go to the grocery store with one thing in mind-getting the stuff that I need at the present time.  I have learned that if I can get toothpaste cheap or free then I need to go ahead and get it–or get 2 or 3 tubes at once!  Because in 2 weeks when I need it and it isn’t on sale, I’ll pay twice as much for it. 

I have gotten my mom hooked too.  She saved some mad money last week and found some deals that I had missed!  I’ll keep posting about my deals on here.  If anyone else out there starts shopping at CVS, let me know! 

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